Linda Howell
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“My husband and I have been going to Brown Chiropractic for many years. Shoulder, back, feet and leg problems with me and pretty much the same for him. Dr. Brown and Dr. Lyons are great! They are very knowledgeable and up-to -date on vario...” View Allus procedures, they provide several options, when possible, for relief of pain and their fees are very reasonable. Both Dr. Brown, Dr. Lyons and their receptionists are very friendly and caring! I would highly recommend Brown Chiropractic for anyone searching for a chiropractor.”
Ibadet Bowen
in the last 2 weeks
“Amazing staff and dr. Brown is extremely knowledgeable. My primary Dr's kept insisting I needed surgery on my neck but dr brown saved me and actually fixed the problem”
Ryan Reason
in the last 2 weeks
“Dr. Brown and Dr. Lyons are both excellent. I have been going for 4 years now. Any issues with my back or any joint, I know I can go in, get evaluated and they will take care of it. Before every trip my wife and I go get adjusted to make s...” View Allure we are all set for our adventures. They are not just a chiropractor at this point, they are family.”
2 weeks ago
“Great Personnel, Expert Service and Care!”

Dear Dr. Brown,                                                                                                                                          

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the excellent care I received from you. I am amazed that I feel like myself again after three very difficult years. I also wanted to share my story with anyone else who may be considering chiropractic care for Meniere's syndrome symptoms. My only regret is that I should have done it sooner.

My ear problems began when I woke up one day and noticed that I had lost most my hearing in my right ear. I was diagnosed with unexplained sudden sensorineural hearing loss. This diagnosis evolved into Cochlear Hydrops, and then into Meniere's syndrome. At first, there were long episodes followed by periods of remission, but over time the episoded occurred with greated intensity and frequency. By the time my husband finally convinced me to see you, I was experiencing constant symptoms every day for over nine months straight, I had ear fullness, hearing loss, and several types of tinnitus sounds. One sound was so loud it would literally wake me from a sound sleep. Needless to say, I was not sleeping well, even with Xanax and Ambien. My hearing was severely reduced, but I had hyperacusis, or difficulty tolerating sounds. I only experienced vertigo two times, but my head always felt "foggy", and I felt dizzy sometimes. Given the seriousness of my condition, I believed that traditional medicine was necessary even though I use alternative medicine for my general health. After I was diagnosed with Meniere's syndrome, I began the typical lifestyle regimen recommended by my ENT: no "heavy" exercise, no alcohol, very low sodium, and avoid stress. Abrupt changes in barometric pressure were not in my control, but I worried about it. This meant I was anxious about vacations, walks and any situation involving abrupt temperature changes. At first, I underwent several rounds of high dose oral prednisone and diuretics, but the side effects were intolerable, so I tried five intratympanic steroid injections, which involved cutting into my eardrum and placing medicine into the inner ear. This is a terrifying, painful procedure that costs $2,000 per injection series, and it didn't work for me. My symptoms always came back after a few days. After three years, my only hope was that "burn out" might bring relief someday, even though it meant I would be deaf in my "bad" ear. I felt sick every day, but I tried to keep functioning and acting happy for my family. Inside I was crying all the time. My deepest fear was that Meniere's would affect my "good" ear, and that I would be completely deaf.

I have to admit that it took my husband almost a year to convince me to see you Dr. Brown. He is a very exceptional person who looks for solutions, and he believed you could help me. I just didn't think that "cracking" my neck could do anything for my ear. My experience and research about Meniere's barely mentioned chiropractic care. So, when first I met you, I was skeptical. I wanted to believe what you carefully explained about subluxation. It was logical, but it was the first time I heard it. I wondered why everyone else with Meniere's was still suffering if chiropractic treatment was effective. But you were so right about the tightness in my neck and shoulders, especially on the same side as my "bad" right ear. I have tension headaches that last for days. I agreed to try the treatment plan you outlined for me - three times a week. After my first adjustment I noticed that the horrible loud roaring I had been hearing at night had stopped, but I wasn't sure if it was just a coincidence. After a few more hours, or a day right after a treatment. After three weeks passed, I began to think that I would have to keep coming in three times a week just to get a good day or two. I was wiling to accept any small form of relief. I guess I was a hard case, but you kept assuring me that the treatments would eventually work. I relied on your positive attitude more than you know Dr. Brown. I even began to sleep a little better. Then, during an adjustment one day, I heard it in my ear! On my next visit, you commented that you "finally got it". Later that day, I noticed that the symptoms were completely gone. I told myself that it was probably just one really good day because I didn't want to feel disappointed again. But as day after day passed with no symptoms at all, I began to believe that something had definitely changed. I was amazed that I felt so good. The awful tinnitus sounds were gone! The "foggy" thinking lifted, and I began to sleep better than I have in years! I stopped taking Ambien and Xanax. My hearing was normal again.

It has been over three weeks since I have had the horrible symptoms of Meniere's, and two weeks since my last adjustment. Sometimes, I notice a mild, high-pitched hum, but doesn't bother me. I do not have any sound sensitivity in loud environments, which has made such a difference at family gatherings and in restaurants. I am beginning to add sea salt to my diet, and I have had that one good glass of red wine I missed so much just a few times....and I'm still OK! I even booked a girl's vacation with my three sisters! I am gaining confidence in doing the things I missed in the past three years. By the way, my husband is ecstatic. He asks about my ear every day, and I can't help but smile!

Dr. Brown, how can I say thank you? There are no words that can adequately express how happy I am just to feel normal again. You gave my family a wonderful gift. You gave me my life back. God Bless You Dr. Brown. You are truly a remarkable doctor.

-Bonnie McDonald


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