Chiropractic adjustments provide a natural and highly effective method for pain relief and health improvement. Learn more in the guide below from Dr. Michael Brown and the team at Brown Chiropractic in Sterling Heights, MI.

Chiropractic Adjustments: What They Are and How They Can Benefit You

You might have heard or read about chiropractic adjustments and know that they are used to restore alignment to the spine. However, they might have left you wondering what that means exactly, why alignment is so important, and how proper alignment can help you. Dr. Brown and the team at Brown Chiropractic in Sterling Heights, MI answer these questions below.

Basics of Alignment

Bones and joints run throughout your body to help you stay upright, walk, bend, and carry out other various tasks. Each of these bones and joints has a proper place to be in order to help you do those tasks.

Surrounding these bones and joints are nerves, discs, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. They help support your movement and the bones and joints. The nerves are responsible for carrying messages between the brain and the body to ensure everything is functioning as it should.

When bones or joints become misaligned – or moved outside their proper placement – it can negatively impact all the surrounding components. It can lead to pain, tension, strains, poor nerve function, and much more. And this not only affects your musculoskeletal system, but your overall health.

How Do Adjustments Work?

Chiropractors seek the location of the misalignment in your body. Sometimes, there is more than one. They can be anywhere along the spinal column or in the extremities. Once the misalignment is located, your chiropractor will use either their hands or instruments to move the vertebra back into their proper place.

Benefits of Adjustments

A misalignment can create more symptoms than you even realize or notice. Therefore, the potential benefits can vary according to the individual reaping them. However, some common benefits include:

  • Relief from various types of pain, including neck, back, shoulder, knee, and hip pain
  • Relief from headaches and migraines
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better range of motion, flexibility, and balance
  • Relief from tension
  • Better posture
  • Natural relief from injuries and chronic conditions, like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Faster recovery from injuries, including car accident injuries, work injuries, and sports injuries
  • Better sleep and more energy

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