Degenerative Disc Disease

If you need assistance with degenerative disc disease in Sterling Heights, MI, it’s time to come see Dr. Charles Lyons and Dr. Michael Brown at Brown Chiropractic. They can use a variety of forms of chiropractic care to provide pain relief and potentially slow the advance of degenerative disc disease. Ultimately, this could greatly improve your quality of life, mobility, and more.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease

The spine is an amazing biological system. It allows your brain to send messages throughout the body and allows the nervous system to send messages to the brain. The spine also acts as a foundation for the body and provides support for your limbs and cranium.

Further, while much of the spine is made out of hard bones, it is also flexible. To allow for this flexibility, the spine contains discs that act as cushions for the vertebrae. These cushions are made of a gel-like material and over time, they can lose their fluid. This reduces their ability to act as cushions and results in degenerative disc disease.

Many people will deal with degenerative disc disease as they age. In a sense, this condition can be all but unavoidable. However, the extent to which your discs break down can vary widely based on treatment, lifestyle choices, and more. The right approach could help your spine and discs remain in good health for many years. If you’re worried about degenerative disc disease and live near Sterling Heights, MI, come work with Dr. Lyons and Dr. Brown at Brown Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

So how can a chiropractor help with degenerative disc disease? One of the most effective measures is spinal decompression. Using a specialized table, steady but gentle forces are applied to your spine. Stretching the vertebrae out relieves pressure on the discs, thus reducing wear and tear.

Cold laser treatment may also help with degenerative disc disease by stimulating biological healing processes. Cold lasers are a relatively new form of care, so we’re still learning more about how they work. However, cold lasers seem capable of reducing inflammation, which can result in pain relief and may protect the gel-like discs in your spine.

A chiropractor can also teach patients a variety of therapeutic exercises that can relieve pressure and strain on the spine while helping you stretch out. However, it is important to work with a chiropractor to ensure that you’re performing the exercises correctly. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your spine. Fortunately, Dr. Lyons and Dr. Brown can provide guidance. If you need to address degenerative disc disease in Sterling Heights, MI, call 586 979 4950 to schedule an appointment at Brown Chiropractic.

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